30 Day Ab Challenge

I’ve never been one that loved to hit the gym but I absolutely LOVE to stay fit.  I am a runner and a proud member of Black Girls Run! There are times that I will hit the gym with friends but usually I like to work out by running outdoors or doing things in a class setting (Zoomba or Yoga) and there are many times that I just spread out on my bedroom floor and pop in a video or boot up a workout on my laptop and get busy.

While scrolling through my Facebook news-feed I saw that a fellow Black Girls Run member posted about a great Ab challenge.  When I saw the challenge I knew I had to join in.  I love the fact that my tummy is flat but I also know that if I don’t work to keep it that way — it wont last (Genetics will only take me so far as I age – Gravity is a BITCH…lol).

Last September I was in full training mode for my 1st Half Marathon and I was in tip top shape.  My abs were really defined and I loved how they looked.

After a 10 Mile Training Run

Now that I am not training for anything but I run or do some type of workout approximately 2-3 times I week, I am always looking for something new and fun to try.  I decided to print off the Ab Challenge and give it a whirl.

So Weeks 1 & 2 look totally doable but did you check otu what happens on Week 3?  WOW – I am sure I will have to break the sit ups, crunches and leg raises into sets but I am going to give it my best.

Last night I did day 1 & 2 before I settled in for the night and I slept like a log until 4am.

30-Day Ab Challenge

30-Day Ab Challenge

I woke up at 4am

with the worst upper ab cramps ever!  It felt as if there was an elephant dancing sitting on my damn abs!  I kept tossing and turning thinking that a change in my position would help but finally I got up, popped 2 Motrin and just PRAYED for sleep.  I finally dozed back off near 5:15am only to be woken up again at 6:25 by Isaac’s (my 13yo’s) alarm.  PHEW… I hope that my abs get used to the workout because this lady needs her 8hrs of solid sleep each night.


About Aurelia

My name is Aurelia (pronounced Ah-real-lee-ya) and I am a 40-something year old woman on a voyage to stay true to who I am. I’ve spent so many years being the person others wanted me to be and I slowly lost touch with myself. I’ve been through many ups and downs in life and in January of 2013, I began the process of filing for divorce after 17 years of marriage and literally started to rebuild my life from the ground up.
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