Wow, Long Time No Blogging….

I can’t believe that it has been 19 months since my last blog post.  I started this blog  back in May of 2013 to express myself, my thoughts and my feelings as I worked through a separation and divorce from the man that I was married to for 17 years.   I am happy to say that my divorce became final in November of 2014. The entire process started in January 2013 and most of it now is a blur but I can say that those 2 years were by far the hardest years of my entire life!   Now that I am on the other side of the hill, I can say that I have grown stronger and learned so much about myself, my family and my friends (old and new).

Let’s take a quick look at my life (in snapshots) since my last blog entry:


  • signed final divorce papers.
  • found a job after being unemployed for 9 months.
  • moved 2 times.
  • became the mother of a high schooler.
  • continued to volunteer at the school and also help to feed the homeless.
  • became a grandmother to the sweetest baby girl (Ava Marie Jean).
  • kept up with my love of running & dancing.
  • made new friends and let go of a few friends as well.
  • faced some of my biggest fears.
  • worked with and through my OCD and Anxiety (as I have most of my adult life).
  • expressed myself loudly at times & kept quiet at times.
  • watched the boy teen try to make sense of all of the changes around him.
  • surprised myself with my strength!!

Phew..  so much has happened.

While divorce marked the end of my marriage,  I have to admit that it was the beginning of me finding out who I am again and growing into a person that I never thought I could be.  I let so much of myself go during my marriage and thankfully, through the process of the divorce and during some of the months after, I began to slowly embrace who I truly am — who I authentically am and I learned to love myself fully.   A part of me has always felt as if I needed to prove my worth to people in order to be liked or accepted.  I now know that I don’t have to prove a thing, all I have to do is live my life and be true to myself.  Those that love me will continue to do so, and those that don’t…well, it doesn’t really matter.

So, I’ve decided that since I love sharing my thoughts and feelings — I will try to get over here and post more often.

Below is a rare picture of me and my 3!  Since my oldest 2 are adults and have families of their own, we don’t get together as much now as we did in the past.  This picture was taken in early June at our BBQ

Me with my 3 lovely kids (Shay, Isreal & Isaac) at our summer BBQ

Till next time….


About Aurelia

My name is Aurelia (pronounced Ah-real-lee-ya) and I am a 40-something year old woman on a voyage to stay true to who I am. I’ve spent so many years being the person others wanted me to be and I slowly lost touch with myself. I’ve been through many ups and downs in life and in January of 2013, I began the process of filing for divorce after 17 years of marriage and literally started to rebuild my life from the ground up.
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