About Aurelia

20150626_185237-1My name is Aurelia (pronounced Ah-real-lee-ya) Williams and I am a 40-something year old woman on a voyage to stay true to who I am.  I’ve spent so many years being the person others wanted me to be and I slowly lost touch with myself.  I’ve been through many ups and downs in life and in January of 2013, I began the process of filing  for divorce after 17 years of marriage and literally started to rebuild my life from the ground up.

I am a certified life coach and I also own the following businesses online:

  • Parenting My Teen – a website filled with resources for parents of preteens and teenagers.
  • Real Life Guidance – effective, easy to read resources for  parents to achieve joy in their lives as they manage work, family and personal aspirations.
  • Real Life Solutions –  a resource site that is packed with helpful articles on parenting, self improvement, health and much more.

I am the mother of 3 great children ages 15, 24 & 27 and I am also the grandmother to 3 amazing boys (ages 3, 5 & 7) and one beautiful little girl who is almost 1.

My journey to get back to who I truly am has taken on many twists and turns which I will be sharing with all of you here.


One Response to About Aurelia

  1. Dale says:

    All the best in your journey for personal enlightenment.

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