Aurelia & Anthony’s Engagement

I am slowly climbingMe Engaged down from Cloud 9 but the silly grin that I’ve had on my face since last Sunday may not disappear until sometime late Summer!  On Sunday, February 21st my boyfriend popped the question at  The Birchmere in Virginia, on  stage at a Jeffrey Osborne concert and to say that I was surprised would be an understatement.  For those of you reading this that may not really know me…  Jeffrey Osborne is my all time favorite of all performers in the world. We’ve gone to see him a total of 3 times in 2015 alone!   Our first concert that we saw together 3 years ago was at the Birchmere!

Anthony decided last February, during a Jeffrey Osborne concert that we attended, that he would ask me to marry him at this year’s show and he managed to keep the entire thing a secret!!

The effort that he put into making this proposal magical, just blows me away.  He reached out to the venue and to Jeffrey Osborne’s manager months ago to let them know that he planned to propose to me during one of our favorite songs “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love”.  He was told by the Birchmere that they don’t set things up like that and then Anthony explained to the venue that he wasn’t looking to stop the show, he just wanted to reserve a table or maybe just get a message to Jeffrey to not be alarmed if he heard an eruption of cheers during the show.   He was then told that the most they could do would be to pass on his email to his management team. When Anthony heard nothing back from anyone, he decided to go to Jeffrey’s website and send an email to them as well, just letting then know what he would like to do. He also explained to them that I was his #1 fan.   Still, nothing.  So, his plan was to get to the show early, get a seat up close to the stage (like we normally do),  sit at the end of a table so that he would have room to drop to one knee and just do it when the time was right.

We got to the show and I was in my element, just ready to enjoy the music and enjoy my boyfriend.  In the middle of his show, Jeffrey Osborne stopped, then said to the crowd “Is there a Anthony Twitty in the house?” and I think my heart stopped!!  As I saw Anthony get up out of his seat and walk to the stage, all I could say over and over again was “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”.

BAM1When Anthony got to the  stage, the crowd went wild and he asked me to join him. Yes, in front of 500 of Jeffrey’s fans and Jeffrey himself.   Anthony said a few sweet words, dropped to one knee, presented the ring of my dreams and asked me to marry him.  I  instantly said “Yes!”.  Immediately after the proposal, Jeffrey Osborne congratulated us and then told us that we could stay on stage with him and dance as he sang us one of our favorite songs.  The moment was pure magic!

Although there were more than 500 people there, the dance felt like we were in our house listening to him on CD.

Here is the video of the proposal along with the dance while being serenaded by Jeffrey Osborne!